Recommendations About Cleaning Your CPAP Machine

VirtuClean will be the newest cleaner from VirtuOX. This small machine may wash your CPAP in under 30 minutes. It’s easy and portable to use. Unlike other CPAP cleansers this system doesn’t use water. What this means is it doesn’t have any maintenance issues in any respect. The VirtuClean remoes 99.99% of the harmful bacteria. The battery charges relatively fast (2 hours) and includes a lifespan of ten decades. It comes with a 18 month warranty and is perfect for home use.

In order to appreciate a air therapy, humidifier equipment and the mask, tubing system should be washed. Pros indicate that patients should wash their masks and adjust the water from the humidifier every day. In addition, for treatment the radiator chamber and also the tube of this CPAP needs to be rinsed with a mild detergent on a weekly basis. The problem is that not all of patients adhere to such strict and normal cleanup guides…

The end result is the fact that the standard of their everyday therapy gets lower, then patients need to restore CPAP parts often. As a result of this VirtuCLEAN waterless CPAP cleaner, patients are now able to enjoy clean and compliant therapy each and every day, while prolonging the overall lifetime of these equipment.

Cleaning and disinfecting the CPAP equipment has never been easier. Simply plug into CPAP or your Bilevel in to the Virtuox Virtu CLEAN , change it on and allow it to perform its task. Half an hour after, you will find yourself a wash and fully disinfected CPAP/Bi-Level equipment willing to offer you the maximum compliant air therapy.

By disinfecting your CPAP equipment with VirtuCLEAN, then you’ll be rid of most the illness causing pathogens that reside within the tube, mask and sometimes water space of your own air therapy apparatus.

Most patients will not wash their CPAP equipment enough, or entirely enough. VirtuCLEAN waterless cleaner helps to keep your CPAP equipment disinfected and clean . Once the machine is turned on by you, it is going to start an automatic cleansing / purification process. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that you just did not wash your device thoroughly enough. Some other good news is that the machine does not need maintenance such as other such cleansing apparatus.

VirtuCLEAN by Virtuox is an extremely convenient, compact cleaning and disinfecting apparatus. It can be utilised in many surroundings, while traveling and it can be quickly taken by patients with them. Using the VirtuCLEAN is straightforward, without adapters hassles or any additional accessories. You do not have to swap filters, therefore maintenance is. According to people who bought and utilize the CPP cleaner, this unit is very simple to use, quick and offering a timeframe to excellent results.

VirtuCLEAN fits within virtually almost any environment. The cleaning system features a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, and this can work without problems for approximately 10 years. Additionally, with each charge, you receive approximately 7 full cleaning cycles for the CPAP equipment like mask, water room, humidifier and tubing.

VirtuCLEAN represents the perfect cleaning and disinfecting way of your CPAP equipment. You can forget about having to disassemble, clean and reassemble mask and your tube . The VirtuCLEAN will run a full cleaning and disinfection cycle .
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