How to Learn the Art of Tapestry and Weaving And Its History

Tapestry weaving is one of the techniques that can be used to weave yarns; wool and cartoons. There are plenty of techniques one can use in weaving tapestry. The most common ones include straight and diagonal lines, plain weave, diagonal lines, curves, color blending and eccentric weaving. The best method one can use to learn the art is by being coached by a competent instructor who is not just experienced in tapestry weaving but also talented.

Tapestry weaving has a long history. The hangings on the wall do not just bring beauty on the wall but some sense of history. In Europe, weavers have produce tapestry weaved products for centuries. The ancient Egyptians and the incus are believed to have buried their dead relatives tapestry woven clothes. The interior of the buildings in the Greek Empire were all covered by tapestry woven garments. The French medieval are believed to have brought the craft to fruition and enhanced the art of tapestry weaving.

By the 13th and the 14th century, the church recognized the value of tapestries and a lot of fabrics were woven and used in the church. One of the oldest existing set is the Apocalypse of St John totaling to 471 foot in length which was woven from between 1375 to 1379.

During the middle age, tapestry was a status symbol amongst aristocracy during the middle age era. It was used to provide insulation for the castles walls and was used to give privacy around beds. At the end of a war, tapestries used to be given out to victors who used them to decorate their doors and windows.

Learning How to Weave Tapestry

Tapestry weaving is not a new technique. It is an ancient technique that has been passed on from one generation to another and is used in many cultures in creating fabrics, furniture and clothes. It is the most preferred method for creating wall hangings. Learning it from a competent instructor who has a class of students is important because it gives the learner an opportunity to see what the classmates are doing and seek guidance from the instructor whenever they feel that some concept are not well mastered. The instructor play a big role in helping the learners plan and design the tapestry project before giving them the tapestry techniques required to weave.

Tapestry weaving classes are offered in many formats including workshops, weekend and morning classes. The classes may be organized depending on the students’ needs or the needs of the instructor.

If you are lucky to get a competent instructor, the best way he can teach you tapestry weaving is to organize the classes in stages beginning with warping to tapestry weaving techniques, to weft dance. After mastering the basic stages, he may also teach you how you should weave a variety of shapes such as circles, chevrons, freeform shapes vertical shapes triangles, veridical stripes and many more.
In addition, the instructor must introduce the fundamental techniques such as hatching, shading, weft interlock, slit tapestry, pick & pick and dotting. This is one of the classes in which the art of tapestry weaving is imparted to students at a personal level.

Material Required

For learning to be effective, it is important to buy the following materials beforehand.
A tapestry loom – the type of loom used determines the warping techniques to be used.
• Heddles
• A tapestry fork or beater
• A measuring tape
• A pair of scissors
• A sewing needle

• A pair of scissors
• A tapestry needle
• Fabric glue
• Velcro
• Cotton twill tape one inch wide

Learning Tapestry Weaving Via the Internet

If you cannot get a competent instructor, all is not lost. You can learn tapestry weaving on the internet. Other than the computer and fast connectivity, you need to have a recent version of Adobe Flash player. Luckily, this version can be downloaded on the internet free of charge. Slower internet connectivity may not allow you to enjoy the lessons.

There are plenty of organizations offering lessons free of charge. Similarly, you can also purchase lessons online and comfortably learn how to weave tapestry from the comfort of your house. There are plenty of PDF instructions you can buy, read and watch videos that detail how you can weave the tapestry easily.

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