Breast Reduction – What do you think of people who get plastic surgery makeovers

Do you think of them as fake or what? Technically, plastic surgery is no different than dying your hair a different color. You’re unnaturally changing something about yourself. The only difference is that hair dye is cheaper and non-surgical. It’s temporary, yes but so is botox. Why do people get so worked up over plastic surgery? So what if they got a nose job or something? If it makes them feel better about themselves, why would people try to bring them down and make them feel less than human? To put it bluntly, people reject you when you’re ugly and then they reject you when you “fix it”. In tabloids, it’s always a big deal for a female celebrity to get breast implants and they rag them out but if a woman gets a breast reduction, they support them. If a woman dyes her hair blonde, she’s just a vain bottle blonde idiot. If a woman dyes her hair black or brown, she’s a groundbreaker. I don’t get it. Why are some beauty things okay and not others? Please post thoughts. Thanks. Also people spend thousands of dollars on makeup and designer clothing but no one bashes them for that. How is it cheating? If a woman wears makeup to make her eyes look bigger or make her lips look fuller, isn’t that cheating too?

Public Comments

  1. I hate it…it’s like cheatong.. this girl I know showed me pictures of her when she was younger… and I was like who is that??? she was like, that’s me! I was like you look nothing like that picture.. she said she had her nose done…. I was a little taken back, but I still banged her.. lol
  2. If its health affecting, then go for it. If its self esteem affecting, its your business but you should love yourself how you are, lots of guys like how you look.

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