Best VPN Providers Advantages and Disadvantages Exposed

Los Angeles, California – In recent months, the Internet has seen a spike in censorships and wire taping like never before. What was once limited to eastern communist countries such as China and North Korea, has been slowly spreading into western nations on the internet. Governments and corporations alike have been blocking websites they deem inappropriate for their citizens as well as monitoring their activity as the saying “Big Brother is watching” suggests. In light of this, Virtual Private Networks offer the solution – encrypting your Internet connection to allow access to the free and open internet, as well as keep governments, Internet Service Providers and others from spying on your online activities. Best VPN Provider, a premier VPN review website, announces the release and revision of three comprehensive reviews of the top virtual private network service providers.

As these providers are not created and managed equally, there are significant differences which may appeal to some, while turn away others. The reviews detail each provider’s advantages and disadvantages, and well as whom each VPN would benefit best. For many Business Owners and Online Sellers, a Virtual Private Network that offers a Dedicated IP Address would be ideal, as required by PayPal and other payment merchants. Their PureVPN Review may offer some insight on their key features, which include a dedicated IP, their software, network speed and reliability as well as pricing options. In other cases, speed and reliability may be the most important factor, as to provide the best download speed, loading time or bandwidth. The IPVanish Review may interest individuals, showcasing the provider’s Tier-1 Network, Unlimited traffic, unrestricted speed, and well as the test that highlights the reliably of their network.

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A more extensive VPN provider may at times be favorable to others who wish to keep their identity and location hidden. In this case, the HideMyAss Review may convey you, emphasizing the providers presence in over 47 countries, with 250+ servers and about 30,000 IP address to choose from, which the ability to automatically switch between after a set amount of time. Virtual Private Networks reinvests and strengthens what privacy on the internet is supposed to be – private. The ability to surf the internet, conduct business or download with fear of being unable to access your favorite websites,  or having governments, corporations and thieves snooping on your every move – VPN’s bring back the peace of mind of privacy that has been slowly fading away.