A Degree In Technology Is In Demand

A Degree In Technology Is In Demand!

Here’s something to contemplate. Whenever someone in the STEM (science, technical, engineering, math) fields thinks up anything outside a pure theory, someone has to create the blue prints. It’s a laboriously detailed sort of work, although computers have made the work considerably easier. Thanks to that technology, this work is called Computer Aided Design or CAD. It has become one of the most stable of the STEM professions. It also makes a computer science degree online a popular college choice.

Back in the pre-digital days, the field was dominated by incredible artists called draftsmen. They did it all on a drawing board, with a slide rule, T-square, pen and blue pencil. It was a meticulous craft that demanded everything being drawn as close to “scale” as possible. Many of these blue prints were so visually spectacular they would end up hanging on walls like fine art. If you are interested in getting more information about free scholarships and grants research the internet. Then came the personal computer. Gone were the slide rule and the mechanical pencil. A computer could be every bit as precise, if not more so, than doing it by hand. Last minute calculations, no matter how large or how small, could be done with a few keyboard hits. The computer is an amazing device to save on labor, but it meant a whole new set of job skills.

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A CAD or computer aided design technician, creates design plans for buildings, machinery, even illustrations much the same way draftsmen did in times of yore. Now they only use the latest in computer equipment to get the job done. They can work in a wide range of industries from engineering and construction to manufacturing and media. If they work in 2D design, what they do is known as surface modeling. It it’s the rapidly growing area of 3D design, it’s called solid modeling.

According to their main professional society, the American Design Drafting Association, a CAD tech needs strong visual/artistic and computer skills to begin with. They should attend a technical institute, community or online college, get a minimum two-year degree, then go to the Association for certification. The Association recommends four-year programs as they provide more rounded educations, as well as drafting theory and other courses that will be beneficial when its time to advance up the career ladder. Usually the next step up the promotion ladder is as a CAD Supervisor, who inspects the work of the technicians under him.

Scholarships and grants go beyond the usual Pell and state grants, but also from professional societies and private corporations, so hitting a search engine for additional funding is a good idea. For instance, the Association holds regular contests, with awards of cash and recognition. Another source is the National Science Foundation for S-STEM grants as CAD techs are one of their recognized professions. For any additional information about student loans and grants check the internet.

The biggest employers are still architectural and civil engineering firms. With the advent of the computer, CAD has moved into many areas it hasn’t been in before. Other major employers include everything from advertising and other media-related firms, electronic and mechanical manufacturers, to even advanced research facilities. Apparently even movie studios such as Pixar have its own CAD department.

Overall growth in the field is expected to be in the range of 9% to 11% between now and 2018, which federal standards declares is about average considering retirement, promotion and other factors. Median salaries tend to be in the mid-40s, although exceeding $50,000 is not out of the realm of possibility, it all depends on what specialty one follows. For an abundance of information about grant online check out the web.

The key thing is with the advent of computerized drafting, there will be a steady need for CAD Technicians. Getting a computer science degree online would put the student in the position to get into a great career. From the look of society advancements, inventors aren’t about to stop coming up with new devices and technology, meaning there will be a need for people to draw up the plans. Those interested should definitely explore funding sources, such as scholarships and Pell grants.